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Me and Indigo Girls, Indigo Girls and Me

berkeley and sacramento photos

Posted by indigokare on 2009.05.14 at 15:11
here are my photos from berkeley and sacramento. my berkeley photos kind of suck. the photo police were out in full force. and i am so sorry about the lack of emily photos. i was in the front row, but a bit off to amy's side. shooting emily without a flash from my vantage was nearly impossible. the sacramento ones are a bit better; i was front row center.

link to photo set,



stargazer1960 at 2009-05-15 00:44 (UTC) (Link)
Well, I always liked the 'gangster-look' that Amy sported in the Galileo video. She looks good in the dark suit and tie. I say that any photos that you can get in the front row are simply wonderful.
..this must be shove..
onewomynarmy at 2009-05-15 02:05 (UTC) (Link)
woo they've got Julie Wolf with them!! going to see them at Mishiwaka Ampitheater in a few weeks!
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