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Set list from their Wolf Trap concert 6/12/2011

Posted by johanna_hypatia on 2011.06.13 at 00:04
Current Location: Virginia
1. Joking
2. It's Alright
3. Yield
4. Love of Our Lives
5. Heartache for Everyone
6. Power of Two
7. Sugar Tongue
8. Fill It up Again
9. Become You
10. Get Out the Map
11. (new song by Amy)*
12. Come on Home
13. Land of Canaan
14. What Are You  Like
15. Jesus on drums (?) - Amy singing solo playing mandolin
16. Let It Be Me
17. Moment of Forgiveness
18. Watershed
19. Shame on You
20. (new song by Emily)**
21. Closer to Fine

22. Second Time Around
23. Go
24. Galileo

*They just got done recording their new album, out in September. They didn't mention the titles of the 2 songs they did from it. Amy's song first line: "I can go one day without calling..." last line: "I got no mind to lose."
**First line: "My my how time flies..." last line: "We get to fill it all."

Sulli is back in action, sharp as ever, yay!
Julie Wolf was there, thank goodness. When they have Julie along, they don't need anybody else. Julie sang the second verse of "Closer to Fine." Three guys from the opening band The Shadowboxers sang the third verse. Indigo Girls were putting out hit records before the guys in the Shadowboxers were even born...
A&E talked about their word for playing or singing a wrong note: "brainbuzzer."
Emily said "Wolf Trap in summer—it's like soup!" It was a very humid evening. A big thunderstorm came through a little before the concert but cleared up in time to spare the people out on the lawn.
This was the second venue on the current tour. Amy said how Wolf Trap is their favorite place to play. "Every time we play here, I get nervous for a week before, it's so special. You can ask my dogs."
This was the first time I ever heard "Go" unplugged. Couldn't recognize it until they started singing. They actually pulled off a decent acoustic arrangement of it. Wow.


the mad lavenny 'shipper
one_more_cherry at 2011-06-16 20:15 (UTC) (Link)
Ooh, 'Go' acoustic is always tons of fun. I think it's interesting how they work the bridge in.

NEW SONGS. I'm so excited for the next album!
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