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Indigo Girls - All That We Let In (2)

Indigo Girls on KFOG

Posted by indigokare on 2009.05.06 at 00:16
the indigo girls will be featured on this week's live from the archives show on KFOG. it airs wednesday and sunday at 8pm west coast time.

also on this week's live from the archives are sets from the dead and the allaman brothers band.

now on to a personal plea: KFOG streams online. can anyone record it? not only do i love the indigo girls (duh), but i am seeing the dead on sunday (super stoked) and i really like the allmans too. PLUS i have a feeling they are going to rebroadcast parts of the IG private show that i was at a few months ago. my computer can no longer record streams AND i won't be able to listen live at either time. please? someone...

thanks in advance!

i have two extra tickets for the Fresno Indigo Girls gig. 16 july. 2nd row center aisle (seats 10-11).

here's the seating chart: tower theater seating, fresno, california .

i bought them musictoday, which is the indigo girls presale ticket site for a little over $100 total. i'll gladly take $100 for the pair or $52 (that was face) for individual tickets. i'd MUCH rather sell the pair. they're at will call, but i will be at the show (and can maaaybe even change the will call to your name. this is music today and they're nice like that). i'd kind of need the cash in advance (these tix are all sitting on my credit card), but am willing to take half in advance and half the night of if we leave the tix under my name. if i can put them in your name, i'd want it all up front. let me know. i'll be coming from san francisco for the show.

email indigokare at gmail.com if you want 'em!



Indigo Girls Tattoo

Posted by wordfiend on 2009.04.16 at 14:25

I recently got an Indigo Girl's tattoo on my right arm.


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10 points for the first person to get the song.


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So you know what I look like.

IG: Amy + Emily

This Week's Concerts

Posted by thunderemerald on 2009.04.16 at 14:38
In case anyone's interested, I posted short reviews of the IG concerts in Albany and New York City, over at my own journal. :)

IG promo, Indigo Girls black and white, Old IG

indigo girls - itunes celebrity playlist

Posted by indigokare on 2009.04.08 at 11:40
the indigo girls were featured on a celebrity playlist podcast. it is only available in the us itunes store, and is slightly hard to find. i uploaded it for anyone who might want it.

download link.


Indigo Girls reno lighting

Extra single BERKELEY ticket

Posted by indigokare on 2009.04.02 at 10:23
I have a single ticket in Row D of the orchestra (seating chart: http://www.calperfs.berkeley.edu/presents/ticket_office/images/maps_seating/detail/Zell_A.gif ) for the Indigo Girls at Zellerbach in Berkeley on May 13.

I ordered this ticket from the Indigo Girls own presale, not KFOG's. It will be a hard ticket, however the ticketing outlet that IG uses sends out their tickets about 10 days before the date of show. I am more than happy to send you a receipt from MusicToday, and will send the hard ticket when it arrives in the mail.

$50 is what I paid and that is what I'm asking. This is a single seat, and it's better than anything I could pull on KFOG's presale this morning (row K was the best I could do).

This should be a great show! Poseidon and the Bitter Bug is a solid album, and take it from me, the songs sound so awesome live! Don't miss Amy and Emily in Berkeley next month!

reply here if you want it, and we will be in touch.

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New Music Tuesday

Posted by mrsbigtuna on 2009.03.27 at 22:14

Join the fun! Reviews on new music, old music and emerging artists. Tuesdays are fun again!

Check out for the review on the latest album from Indigo Girls, Poseidon and the Bitter Bug

hell yeah

Posted by seeaef on 2009.03.24 at 22:49
Dear IG,
Wow, thanks for yet another incredible album. It seems as though this year all of my favorite artists are releasing an album and while they are all great works of art .. this is the best gift of 2009.
Tonight me and my bf had dinner and listened to the new album. Then I raised the windows, chilled out on the porch while the rain was pouring down and listened to the acoustic portion .. sort of a grass roots listening experience.

Fleet of Hope gave me chills .. and while there are many other songs on the album that I love this song was the apex of my chill factor. Thank you Emily.  

*Way to turn it out on CNN.

IG: Amy - Three County Highway

New Album

Posted by thunderemerald on 2009.03.24 at 13:54
I'm listening to the acoustic disc of the new album now... oh, SIGH, I love them so much!

But I just wanted to post an FYI for any fellow NYC fans who haven't gotten the album yet: Virgin Megastore is underselling even AMAZON on this title. The deluxe 2-disc set is selling for $11.99, which is pretty astounding. Go forth and purchase! :)


one more. cnn.com/live

Posted by indigokare on 2009.03.24 at 08:33

and yes, the indigo girls will be on cnn.com/live in less than five minutes!

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