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Despite Our Differences

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Indigo Girls
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Discuss the Indigo Girls and Amy Ray's solo music. Setlists, reviews, articles, tickets, news, etc.
the official LJ group for Indigo Girls fans. spam will not be tolerated and will be deleted immediatly. you are more than welcome to post to sell extra indigo girls (only) tickets, as long as you sell at face value (no scalpers!).

here are some IG related links:

  • the official site
  • indigo vortex - a fan run IG community site
  • lifeblood - THE best place to find setlists, lyrics, articles, etc (especially older stuff) (as of 2009, lifeblood is on a 'hiatus'. hopefully it will be back soon because it was the BEST!)
  • indigo vortex calendar - the most active indigo girls fan community
  • daemon records - amy ray's own independent record label. there's also a daemon_records community here on LJ.
  • indigo girls group on flickr - indigo girls photos
  • worldfalls.com - indigo girls photos and bootlegs
  • indigokare.com - indigo girls fan blog
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