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Me and Indigo Girls, Indigo Girls and Me

indigo girls memorabilia MOVING SALE!

Posted by indigokare on 2009.05.22 at 21:00
hey y'all,

i'm packing to move soon (more of that forthcoming very soon if you are on my friends list. it's a good move...). i have been collecting indigo girls memorabilia since the late 80s. i'm really trying to get rid of stuff for this move. anyway, i discovered that i have duplicates of many indigo girls memorabilia items. instead of selling everything individually, i listed a few memorabilia "lots" on ebay. considering i paid $15-20 for some individual items in these lots, i am selling this stuff at quite a discount.

i don't want to get rid of my collection, but since these are duplicates, i can justify it. i realized i had duplicates of so so so much, sometimes 3+ copies of random items.

anyway, if you are an indigo girls fan (or an amy ray solo fan too, duh) check out my ebay auctions.

i'm not a janky autograph/memorabilia dealer (in fact, i am not selling anything that was signed because most of my signed memorabilia was personalized to me). i'm a true fan and i want my duplicates to go to other true indigo girls fans. :)

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