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6/10/2009 set list, Wolf Trap, Virginia

Posted by johanna_hypatia on 2009.06.11 at 00:58
Current Location: Northern Virginia
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"Smell the rain!"
--Emily's first words on stage

Julie Wolf played keyboard/grand piano/accordion and sang backup.

1. Love of Our Lives
2. Sugar Tongue
3. Hammer and a Nail
4. Ozilline
5. Fill It Up Again
6. Driver Education
7. What Are You Like
8. Yield
9. Power of Two
10. Fugitive
11. Digging for Your Dream*
12. Second Time Around
13. Get Out the Map
14. Shame on You
15. Fleet of Hope
16. Land of Canaan
17. Deconstruction
18. Heartache for Everyone
19. I'll Change
20. Kid Fears (+ Matt Nathanson)
21. Closer to Fine (+ Matt)
22. True Romantic*
23. Galileo

*the only songs in the set with electric guitar


stargazer1960 at 2009-06-11 11:32 (UTC) (Link)
Very stripped down. I'll bet it was lovely, although I do miss the days when they traveled with a violinist. I really like violin accompaniment on some of their songs.

I am really digging True Romantic, and trying to learn it on my dobro.
Johanna-Hypatia Cybeleia
johanna_hypatia at 2009-06-12 00:47 (UTC) (Link)
One of the reviewers on Amazon didn't care for "True Romantic," saying it was too slow and sad. But in concert last night they played it with way more energy than on the CD, they turned it into a real rock 'n' roll power ballad. Emily plugged in for this one, and filled out with full chords on the grand piano from Julie, it packed a punch. The more I listen to this song, the more I appreciate it. It's one of Amy's nakedly, achingly raw emotional songs in the tradition of "Blood and Fire." I think this whole new album is one that grows on you the more you listen to it.
stargazer1960 at 2009-06-12 11:55 (UTC) (Link)
I would agree that several songs grow on you. Interesting, too, that some sound better on the acoustic disk and some on the full band.
(Deleted comment)
Johanna-Hypatia Cybeleia
johanna_hypatia at 2009-06-12 00:52 (UTC) (Link)
We were just a few rows inside the pavilion, and got some of the spray from the storm blowing in... which was cool and refreshing... and kind of reminiscent of sea spray as Emily was singing about boats and choppy waters.
Johanna-Hypatia Cybeleia
johanna_hypatia at 2009-06-12 00:57 (UTC) (Link)
After they finished "Hammer and a Nail" they told about all the bugs that they get at Wolf Trap, and said that Julie had just gotten a ladybug in her dinner.

Then Amy spoke up and said "Yeah, ladybugs taste real bitter." (I can understand that, if it keeps birds from eating them.) I wondered if they were alluding to the new CD's title. Nope, they were just talking about eating bugs...
serimph at 2009-06-11 20:43 (UTC) (Link)
it was a great show! my first time seeing them live too! I was on the lawn and got soaked, but it was so worth it.
..this must be shove..
onewomynarmy at 2009-06-11 21:43 (UTC) (Link)
We are seeing them on the 5th of July at a venue that holds less than 500 people! Can't wait! I hope Julie tours with them out in this direction..
igfan at 2009-06-12 11:58 (UTC) (Link)
Great show. Amy did play electric guitar though on Digging for your dream! :)
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